BR 3-8: Dead Cold

     This week, I read this book, "Dead Cold." I heard the review of this book a few weeks before, so I could read this easier. One night, a woman was found at a pool of a hotel. She was died. Detective Flick Laine was offered to find the killer. The dead woman was 23 years old, and had a dream to be a journalist. But she was killed by someone... Who killed her? Why killed her? Finding killer, detective Flick found some big story... It was s suspense story (there are so many suspense in this series!), so it is a little difficult, but someone would like these types of story, I think.

Sue, Leather. (2006). Dead Cold. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


  1. I think it has really silent atmosphere so in some way it maybe boring and I felt when I read.




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